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If this is in fact the case, then it's no wonder Velen wasn't at all shocked to see us suddenly show up. In Warlords of Draenor, the Prophet Velen plays much the same role he does on Azeroth -- it's a quiet role, it's a role of guidance. It's the kind of role that has you acting at Velen's side rather than as some kind of errand-runner for hire like many quest givers we've seen over the years. You aren't doing favors for Velen, he's taking you along on his journey, and in his own way, showing exactly how he leads his people in the process.

It's a much closer and more intimate look at a character that we haven't exactly seen in action -- not for want of action, but because being in the thick of the action isn't quite where Velen fits. He knows where those threads of fate lead, and he doesn't have to barge down a particular path, he can simply take his people by the hand and take them along on the journey. Sometimes that journey winds along forks of heartbreaking sadness and loss -- but the ultimate destination of that journey is a universe of peace and eternal Light. To Velen, that makes it worth the struggle, worth the cost.

So here we have the Prophet Velen, asking for our help and taking us along on one of his visions so we can see just the tiniest fraction of what he sees on a daily basis. In this vision, Karabor falls, no matter what the draenei do. Velen is naturally distraught at the idea of his people being crushed beneath the armies of the Iron Horde, so he immediately sets out to put in motion a turn of events that will prevent that particular thread of fate from coming to pass.

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