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Let's look at what we know of Khadgar so far, and what we've seen him do so far in Warlords. The Dark Portal opened up on Azeroth again, and the Iron Horde poured through into the Blasted Lands and tore apart Nethergarde Keep with little difficulty. Given that we'd found Khadgar in Burning Crusade, and given that the man had successfully closed the Dark Portal a couple of times, it was only natural that we'd ask him to join us in combating the Iron Horde and trying to do something about that portal a third time. And he was more than willing to help us out.

But the Khadgar who joined us looked quite a bit different than the aged, wizened man we saw in Shattrath City. Now one could argue that maybe it was just time for Khadgar to get a different model, but every piece of art we've seen of Khadgar, even in the Warcraft comic, has portrayed him as a wizened old man, long beard and all. And the Khadgar we've got right now hasn't just shaved off his beard, he appears younger -- much, much younger than the ancient man we met in Shattrath. It's a little odd.

Given that Khadgar eventually got his powers back, one could assume that perhaps the aging spell cast on him by Medivh has also begun to wear off a little -- it just took longer to do so. But there are other strange things going on. On Draenor, Khadgar is almost obsessed with Gul'dan and taking Gul'dan down for good. He speaks of the orc as if he knows him, as if he's met him before. But Khadgar never really met Gul'dan -- at least not while he was alive. As I mentioned last week, Khadgar had more interactions with Gul'dan's skull than he did with the orc himself. Partner that with the reappearance of Atiesh, and Khadgar's strange and sudden proclivity for turning himself into a raven, and you have to ask yourself ... are we really talking to Khadgar at all, here?

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