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For the sake of parity, let's look at both Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall. These two characters have had a history together since Warcraft III. Not a romantic history as some like to claim, but a history. They were allies. Both of them held out hope for peace between the Horde and the Alliance for years. Both of them made sacrifices in the hopes of accomplishing it, Jaina moreso than any other, allowing the Horde to kill her orc-slaying father. They were both powerful, influential people in their respective factions. The events of Warcraft III made us believe they might achieve that peace. World of Warcraft showed us otherwise.

The mere act of including two factions and PVP gameplay made their failure a foregone conclusion. Yet, though we knew they would forever fail, they stuck to their guns. For a time, that was admirable. But their arc remained stagnant for nearly a decade and they failed at every turn. Whenever tension between the factions rose, Thrall and Jaina were there, arguing for peace and failing. Admirable traits lost their appeal. Their attempts for peace ceased to be appreciated by players because we knew they could never succeed. Their interventions became unwelcome to the point of frustration. The nature of the game was a character assassination -- Thrall and Jaina came to be perceived as downright stupid.

It was Jaina that finally broke. After countless years of campaigning for peace, the Horde -- under the command of Garrosh Hellscream -- wiped Theramore off of the map. Finally, after so long, Jaina was angry and rightfully so. But it still doesn't matter. Because even an angry Jaina cannot accomplish anything in a conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. A Jaina Proudmoore fueled by righteous fury is just as ineffective as the one campaigning for peace when her focus is the Horde. It cannot happen. World of Warcraft's entire premise -- in game mechanics, if not narrative -- relies on the war continuing with neither faction the victor.

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