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This is what makes the garrison almost an ideal feature for players interested in the expansion's story. Because it is so intimate -- it's your garrison, after all -- the story itself carries far more weight, more meaning that it would if it were simply just another hub you went to once and forgot about afterwards. As you level, the NPCs that call your garrison home continue to acknowledge you and your accomplishments, all the while carrying out what feels like lives of their own. NPCs are far more reactive now than ever -- when you walk by, they notice. They stop. They look at you. They salute, or say a few words, or otherwise acknowledge your existence.

Because the garrison is so malleable, it's a simple enough task to add more content to it as the expansion moves on -- and that content doesn't need a flashy delivery vehicle. It can just be another yellow exclamation mark on the board in the center of the stronghold. Or a new visitor that makes an appearance at your front gates, or shows up in your town hall unexpectedly. A sudden attack over the horizon, a looming threat, yet something you and your army are totally prepared for.

It may seem like a complicated concept right now, it may seem like just another chore we have to slog our way through, but the garrison in action is a really cool feature that draws you into the world in an extraordinary way. More than any other expansion before, you matter. Your existence in the game is important, and that importance is reinforced not by an occasional offhand reference from a major lore figure during a raid encounter, but by every NPC, every vendor, every follower in this remarkable stronghold you've put together. It's a little town that breathes with life in a way we haven't seen before. While it remains to be seen where the story goes in Warlords after we've hit 100 and made our way through the available content, we won't have to look far to find it -- it's entirely likely it will come find us.

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