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Past the Rookery, you came to the Hall of Blackhand, home to another optional boss, Goraluk Anvilcrack. If you had a blacksmith in your party, that player usually wanted to kill Anvilcrack for the several blacksmithing plans that he dropped. One was the epic mail chest Invulnerable Mail, which was terrific for infuriating melee players in PvP. (In early classic, the mail was even more overpowered: it had a 5% chance to proc 8 seconds of immunity to melee attacks, with no internal cooldown...) Despite his cool last name, Anvilcrack was another tank and spank encounter.

Blackrock Stadium was next -- and it played out almost exactly the same as the new Warlords of Draenor version. Instead of Zaela and Tharbeck, Nefarian and Rend Blackhand watched your party fight from above while they had an awkward conversation. It was Nefarian who originally yelled "Kill the one in the dress!" The new encounter is very similar to the original. Both feature waves of adds followed by a boss riding a mount that also had to be killed.

The Seal of Ascension that granted access to the dungeon had a secret on-use effect that only worked here. The tooltip now says it explicitly, but originally it did not. After you defeated Rend's mount Gyth, using the ring summoned Vaelastrasz, who healed your party to full.

Rend dropped the two-piece Dal'Rend's sword set that all rogues coveted. Gyth had a small chance to drop a Chromatic Carapace.

In the next room you had the opportunity to save a friendly blue whelp named Awbee. If you did, he told you his story and then presented you with two different quests. You needed the carapace to complete Awbee's quests, which awarded you either an epic plate chest or your choice of agility or intellect epic mail leggings.

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