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Classic WoW's starting experiences weren't terribly bottlenecked when the game launched. That's not surprising given there were three different starting zones per faction. Also, the spawn rates on mobs were insane early on. As popular as the game was then, WoW didn't have anywhere near the numbers it achieved during its first two expansions.

The bottlenecks occurred later, when Blizzard added new content. Early quests in the Tier 0.5 quest line, for example, featured bottlenecks with heavily camped mobs that you needed to kill. Hunting for Ectoplasm was a rough one in the first days of the patch, with three dozen mobs to tag in three different zones at the farthest ends of Azeroth.

Perhaps the worst in all of vanilla occurred during The Burning Crusade's pre-expansion event, when the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth through the Dark Portal. A quest for the event required players to kill six invading demons. Everyone on your realm needed to kill these specific mobs at this one spot.

They came through the portal in waves, so the quest devolved into an AOE spamfest. The Burning Legion never stood a chance. If you didn't have a spammable AOE spell (most specs didn't), you had little choice but to group with someone who did, or give up and try later.

WoW has had many other bottlenecks, big and small, throughout its history, but all of the above were the worst in my experience. What were the worst that you encountered?

It's heartening to see that Blizzard takes this issue seriously, particularly after Mists left so many players bottlenecked for hours. If the devs are smart about quest design in Warlords, we will flow smoothly from bottle to bottle on November 13.

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