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He may not be the best-dressed or most literate garrison follower you'll ever have, but Goldmane has one thing going for him, and it's right in his name. Goldmane the Skinner is a level 100 follower with the Skinning trait, allowing him to work at your garrison Barn and increase work order production. Available to both Alliance and Horde, Goldmane is pretty easy to pick up -- he just requires a short trip out to the southern coast of Nagrand.

Head to Ironfist Harbor on the southwest shores of Nagrand and you'll come across a base for the Iron Horde that also includes a bonus mission, if you feel up to the challenge of killing a lot of orcs. If not, look around for the tallest tower in the base -- your objective is at the top. Fight your way up the tower, and you'll see two things of note: One very angry kitty locked away in a cage, and an orc by the name of Bolkar the Cruel, who is gloating over his latest captive.

The objective here is simple enough -- Bolkar locked Goldmane away, so Bolkar logically must still have that key on his person. You'll have to kill Bolkar to get the key. He's level 99, but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve, along with the giant gun he's toting around. Once he's dead, loot the key and open the cage. Goldmane will happily emerge and offer the quest Feline Friends Forever, in which he says very little, but makes it clear that he will happily head to your garrison as a follower. Send him on missions, or assign him to your barn -- he'll be happy either way. It beats being locked in a cage, after all.

Goldmane is one of only a few followers that can be obtained on Draenor with the Skinning trait. The other two are Hulda Shadowblade and Dark Ranger Velonara, both of whom can only be picked up if you have chosen to construct a Brewery in your outpost in the Spires of Arak. If you've already completed that content and picked the Smuggler's Den, it's worth it to head to Nagrand and pick up Goldmane -- particularly if you either don't have an Inn, or don't want to waste a weekly recruit on someone with the Skinning trait.

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